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Rechargeable Battery Heated Clothing

Why you need heated clothing for hunting.

other hunters out there and hungrier animals emerging to take risks to forage for sparse food. Cold-weather hunting is great as long as you stay warm!

Wearing only insulated clothing can keep you warm for a while but it has two main disadvantages.

1. Normal insulation only traps body heat, and can be overwhelmed if it’s too cold for the weight of the insulation.

2. Further, most insulating clothes can't change their essential functions on the fly. So in stop-and-start activities, you find yourself sweating heavily while you're working hard then freezing when you're keeping still up a tree stand or in a blind. Ultimately, if you are not moving around you will eventually get cold no matter what insulation you are wearing.

Heated garments such as a battery heated vest solve both these problems, generating core body warmth only when you need it. You can turn down or turn off your heated garment when exerting energy to prevent overheating and turn it on again during still periods to prevent that after exertion chill.

In very cold weather, you have two enemies: the temperature and the wind. Protection from one without the other is useless.  Our windproof fleece heated vests help you stay warm in the wind and the cold.  The premium-grade windproof laminated micro-fleece fabric has a fabric bonding that limits air permeability and increases your thermal insulation and comfort and provides warmth without bulk. Our battery heated glove liners will help maintain the dexterity of your finger in the cold.

Staying warmer means you’ll likely hunt longer. Don’t miss out on a kill when your prey comes by 20 minutes after you’ve called it quits because you were too cold.

Ideally, your heated clothing should be layered under your preferred outer camo pattern jacket. It’s ideal for winter hunting or just to stay warm outside whatever your activity. Then when you’re not hunting you can wear your heated vest at the game or on the golf course!

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Variable heat levels

Having a variable heat setting is also important. Most likely you will find that you want to vary the heat level up and down to find the optimal comfort level which will change during the day.

More about the battery

An extra rechargeable battery pack may be well worth the expense as the extra battery pack can double your heating time between recharging.  This is especially relevant  for longer hunts. Watch out for the portable battery technology offered. Most likely it will be Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) or the newer lithium ion or the latest lithium polymer technology.  The NiMh batteries are cheapest but heaviest and can suffer from a “memory effect” and are becoming less prevalent. The lithium technologies are becoming more popular as they are lighter and more compact.  However, the lithium ION technology is somewhat unstable for portable applications as it can be a little delicate and unstable.  Lithium ion batteries are used in most of the world’s laptop computers and five (5) million of them were recalled in the 12 months the October 2007 because they can self ignite, catch fire and explode. This would not be a good feeling when you’re actually wearing the incendiary battery on your person up a tree stand. Not only will you catch fire but you’ll probably start a brush fire! Sony Corporation announced in August 2007 that they are building a new lithium polymer battery factory to replace the lithium ion technology they currently use . The bottom line on the battery type is if you want to go for a lighter and smaller option, go with a lithium polymer battery type. 

Heating Technologies

Different heating technologies are now employed by the various manufacturers of battery heated clothing and  the latest versions employ the use of carbon fiber heating, which is a technology developed for NASA’s space program in the 1980’s. The carbon fibers emit radiant heat in the far infrared light spectrum which give a deeper more penetrating heat than metal wires.

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Heated Hunting Clothing. Why you need it.

Especially if you’re stand or blind hunting in winter, you’ll be out in the cold for a long time, often motionless. If cold weather doesn't deter the prey, it shouldn't deter the hunter.

Cold-weather hunting can actually be more rewarding with fewer

Heated clothing for hunting such as a battery heated vest