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Stay Warm. Anytime. Anywhere.

Rechargeable Battery Heated Clothing

Cold weather is uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous. Heated clothing such a battery heated jacket or vest or battery heated gloves or socks can transform an uncomfortable, potentially dangerous experience into warm comfort so you can take advantage of an outdoor lifestyle for longer.

Heated Clothing is more Comfortable

All of us who live anywhere but the warmest places suffer the cold every winter. A cold wait before golf tee-off, a brisk morning out for a walk, an endless bone chilling ski chairlift ride, or simply just sitting at a sports game cheering on your kids. Our cold weather ActiVHeat ̉ heated clothing will help you better enjoy such situations by keeping you cozy and warm. Just like putting on warm clothing right out of the dryer. 

Heated Clothing is Convenient - Warmth without Bulk

Our cold weather ActiVHeat̉ heated clothing give you the advantage of multiple layers of clothing in one layer with the convenience of almost instantly "adding or removing layers" with only a simple button push.

“There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”  Our ActiVHeat̉ heated jackets, heated vests , heated gloves and heated socks are a  winner for Start-Stop cold-weather activities! Normal insulation only slows heat loss, and can be overwhelmed if it’s too cold for the weight of the insulation. And most insulating cold weather clothing can't change their essential functions on the fly. So in stop-and-start activities such as hiking or skiing, you may find yourself sweating while you're working hard then freezing when you're resting.

No longer! Our ActiVHeat̉ heated garments solve both these problems, creating core body warmth only when you need it. You can turn down or turn off the heating when exercising to prevent overheating and turn it on again during rest periods to prevent that after-exercise chill. If the weather is a little warmer, detach the controller and battery easily, and wear it as a regular apparel.

Heated Clothing is Safer

Even with some of the latest, hi-tech insulated clothing, we  still suffer from the cold. Lack of body movement, hours of prolonged exposure, wind chill and humidity all cause us to be uncomfortably cold to the point of dangerous hypothermia even if dressed "appropriately."

Heated clothing such as a battery heated vest, or jacket, or battery heated gloves and heated socks add to your body's natural ability to generate heat. Adjusting the heat intensity helps you stay warm and comfortable in a wider range of temperatures. Also, heated clothing keeps you warmer without using up the needed resources your body needs to maintain other healthy body functions.

Switch on to warmth

When layered under an outer shell, our ActiVHeat̉ rechargeable heated cold weather clothing is ideal for intermittent physical winter activities or just to stay warm outside whatever your activity.

Concentrate more on enjoying yourself rather than how much longer you can stand the cold before stepping inside to warm up or adding another bulky layer of clothing.  The technology is….


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Far exceeds expectations would sum up the Heated Jackets. My wife and I have used the jackets for four weeks now and have nothing but praise for the products...

Sincere congratulations on absolutely first class cost effective products that perform so well.”  - Nick, Ontario, Canada


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Why you need heated cold weather clothing.