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ActiVHeat® Men's Battery Heated Glove Liners

Add some heat to your favorite gloves.

Slip on these battery-powered heated glove liners before you put on your gloves and keep your hand warm this winter. Our lightweight glove liners use microfiber heating bundles to spread warmth up and down each finger and thumb without impacting dexterity.

Thin gloves allow for easy movement, but they let in the cold. Thick gloves are warmer, but can reduce dexterity and grip. And once you're cold, even the thickest gloves won't warm you quickly.

ActiVHeat® has developed the perfect solution: wearing outer gloves over our Battery Heated Glove Liners, which actively warm your hands and fingers, keeping them safe from the winter cold. And you can still wear your favorite ski gloves, work gloves, hiking gloves, riding gloves, biking gloves or any other outer gloves. Wear the heated glove liners with different gloves for any outdoor activity.

Adjustable warmth - without bulk
. Enjoy the comfort of warm hands, without any excess bulk. With ActiVHeat® Battery Heated Glove Liners, you no longer have to take bulky gloves on and off every time you feel cold or overheated. Now you can adjust the temperature with a simple press of a button. The Controller that comes with your ActiVHeat® Glove Liners enables you to easily switch between HIGH HEAT, MEDIUM HEAT, LOW HEAT & OFF. No matter how conditions change, you can control the comfort and warmth of your hands.

Soft & Flexible - ActiVHeat's break-through technology allows the glove liners to be cozy and comfortable. By using materials developed for the aerospace industry, our glove liners employ integrated bundles of soft carbon microfibers to actively warm your hands yet you can't feel any wires or other heating elements - only the heat they produce. The invisible heating elements extend down the sides of each hand, finger and thumb, ensuring complete comfort, dexterity and evenly-distributed warmth - no more painful frozen fingertips! The low-power heat is gentle, safe and adjustable to three heat levels.

For skiing, golfing, hiking, shoveling, hunting, running, outdoor chores, outdoor events and more. These heated glove liners are ideal for participating in stop-and-start activities that leave you sweating one minute and freezing the next. You control the glove liners' heat, so you can turn the heat down or off when exercising, then turn it up to prevent that post-workout chill.

Slim, snug & styling. There's no need to sacrifice style for warmth. Simply wear a pair of ActiVHeat® Heated Glove Liners under your favorite gloves. It's the perfect solution for those bone-chilling, windswept city streets in January!

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