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Shopping Assistance
What is my shopping cart?
Your shopping cart is the computer equivalent of the shopping buggy you use on your weekly trip to the grocery store. You can add items to your cart, you can remove items from your cart, and you can change quantities of any item in your cart. When you are ready to purchase the contents of your cart, you simply proceed to the checkout area, provide some information, and your order is on its way.

In the computer world, your shopping cart is actually a small computer file, called a "cookie". This cookie is created and stored on the hard drive of your computer when you place an item in your shopping cart. This file contains all of the information necessary for you to complete your shopping session. It DOES NOT contain any information that will allow us to track your computer use or obtain any information you don't want to provide. Keeping this little file on your computer makes a lot of sense. No matter how many windows you have open in your browser, all products selected go in this single shopping cart. If you are accidentally knocked off of the internet, as soon as you re-enter our website, your shopping cart is restored.

Remember, putting items in your shopping cart is a no risk proposition. You can ALWAYS alter the contents of your shopping cart or abandon it all together. You can even preview your shipping, taxes and total cost in the shopping cart.

Important Note About Cookies: The use of cookies has become the standard way of helping you navigate modern websites. Without cookies, using the internet would be very sloppy. Installing the shopping cart cookie on your hard drive is essential if you want to do electronic shopping with After your order is completed, you can delete all cookies from your hard drive using the Help facility of your web browser. If you have your browser set to automatically reject all cookies, you cannot do electronic shopping with If this is the case, you can always phone your order to us at (609) 924-6110.

If you have any questions about the shopping cart process on, please contact us: Click here to email us or via telephone at (609) 924-6110.
How do I find items in this website?
Shopping on the store website is extremely easy. There are 2 main ways for you to shop:
A. Shopping by Activity. A typical website screen shot is shown below with the locations of the critical activity search resources outlined in the blue oval. Selecting any choice in the two "Shop by Activity" drop down menus in the header of any page will bring up a multi-level list of activities you may wish to undertake. Selecting one of these activities will suggest a group of suitable heated product categories. This is an especially useful way to shop if you are unsure of all the products we offer that may meet your needs.

B. Shopping by Product. A typical website screen shot is shown below with the locations of the critical product search resources outlined via the green ovals. Selecting any Product Category in one of:
  1. the large illustrated buttons in center of the page;
  2. the left "Shop below for" margin; or via
  3. the drop down menus "Men's" or "Women's" in the header,

will take you to all of the products found in that Category.

You can drill down to further narrow the search for your products by clicking through to sub-categories until you reach a selection of products that meet your needs. You can also move to the next page by pressing the Next Page button. You also have the option of changing the number of items that are displayed on a single page when you search our website. Just beneath the Category picture, you will see a drop down menu that displays " items per page". You can use this drop down box to increase the number of items shown on a page by various values.
Using the Search Box. At the top right of each page, you will see an empty Search box, followed by a red question mark. Simply type the name of any product or category in that box and press the red question mark. If this does not return what you are looking for, try a different word or phrase in the box. Each keyword or phrase delivers a different assortment of products.

The Help Menus. In the upper right hand corner of each page header, you will find a link to the shopping assistance help menu. Clicking these selections allows you to return to the home page, view your shopping cart, view your account and order information, and obtain detailed help on various issues associated with our website. Use these links as necessary to assist in your utilization of our site.

The Product Detail Page. Clicking on any picture or title in any search will take you directly to the Product Detail Page for that product. This is where you get all of the details about the product, large pictures of the product, all options available for the product, size charts if required, and all other details about the item. When you choose to purchase a product, simply select all of the options for the product and press the "Add to Cart" button.
How does online ordering work?
When you place an order through this store, our electronic credit card gateway "authorizes" your credit card for the amount of your purchase and sends our website a special "capture code" that represents your credit card approval and this transaction. Once we download and fill your order and prepare it for shipment, we use this special "capture code" to secure the funds previous authorized when you placed your order. The capture codes can be used only once, and when submitted, the source of the submission must be from the ActiVHeat store's internet IP address. It is important to note that we can never capture more funds than you authorized, even if you phone us and ask us to add some items. This would need a new order completely. We can, however capture less than was authorized should any changes be made, prior to shipment, that lower the cost of your order. If we need to capture more funds, we will ask you to use the "RE-AUTHORIZE" product to provide us with additional funds e.g. upgraded shipping service.

You are also allowed to store your payment information for future use on our site. Even then, we do not store your credit card number. We simply store a 54 digit code that allows you to submit a future order for credit card authorization. Please note, only YOU can use the code that is stored on our site for future orders. ActiVHeat personnel cannot place an order without your consent. Even with stored information, each order must have the CVV2 card security number entered manually. Only YOU and your credit card company know this number.

If you have any questions about how our system works, please contact us: Click here to email us or via telephone at (609) 924-6110.