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How It Works - Battery Heated Sock Liners

They’re not heated socks—they’re heated sock liners! Slip on these battery-powered heated sock liners before you put on your outer socks and stay warmer this winter. Our lightweight wool liners use microfiber heating bundles to spread warmth under each foot without impacting comfort.

Why heated socks?

Normal sock insulation only traps body heat, and can be overwhelmed if it’s too cold for the weight of the insulation. Bulky insulated socks may also reduce your comfort in tight fitting footwear. Further, most socks can't change their essential functions on the fly. So in stop-and-start activities, you find yourself sweating heavily while you're working hard (shoveling snow, hiking) & get cold feet when you take a break.

No longer!

Our ActiVHeat battery heated sock liners solve both these problems, generating foot warmth when you need it, and moisture wicking when you don’t. You can turn off our ActiVHeat sock liners when exercising to prevent overheating and turn them on again during rest periods to prevent that after exercise chill. If the weather turns warmer, you can detach the battery packs easily, and the wicking ActiVHeat becomes a regular sock and ensures dry feet with or without the batteries.


And for those of us who go out in wet conditions, don’t worry about unexpected shocks from these sock liners. The low amperage virtually eliminates any possibility of shocks or burns, even when the sock liners are wet.

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Why a sock liner vs. a sock?

Worn as a base sock layer next to the skin and made from soft wool, these sock liners protect your feet from blisters, abrasions, and add additional cushioning to your footwear. They can also be worn as an ultra-light sock on warmer days without the battery packs attached.


Different activities require different socks. These battery heated sock liners can be matched with different outer socks to suit your varied activities. And you still get to wear your favorite ski socks, work socks, hiking socks, riding socks, and/or biking socks! In addition to the flexibility of use that a sock liner provides, they move moisture faster away from your feet and keep your feet drier than using non-liner socks alone.

Moisture Management.

To stay warm, your feet need to be dry - this means always using a wicking material next to the skin. While many socks have good wicking properties, often the best solution is to use a liner sock in conjunction with a medium or heavyweight sock to keep moisture away from your feet.

Show me these heated sock liners...

Why wool?

The natural advantage - wool stays warm when damp. Wool works with your skin, to create breathable, moisture wicking sock liners that pulls perspiration away from your skin, helping you stay dry and comfortable. Wool socks keep feet drier because wool absorbs as much as 30% of its own weight before it begins to feel damp. Wool moves moisture away naturally.

Every wool fiber is made up of millions of springy coils that stretch during use but spring back to their original positions when you take off the sock liner. Wool also features inherent qualities such as wrinkle resistance, colorfastness, and it breathes with your body. In addition, wool has natural anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties for maximum performance under any condition.

How it works.

Using new ActiVHeat heating technology that uses very thin carbon microfiber bundles to conduct heat , they are powered by either our company mini lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs or 3 AA non-rechargeable batteries for each foot. Our ActiVHeat heated sock liners reliably warm your feet for up to six hours of constant heating time, may stimulate blood circulation & can easily fit in all shoes, providing adjustable warmth on demand. The battery packs can be removed to wash the sock liners. The liners are both washable and flexible while at the same time soft to the touch.