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How It Works - WX4 Weightless Battery Heated Crossover Gloves

Get the warmth you need, when you need it - without being weighed down.

Cold hands can be a painful nuisance, especially during the cold winter months. Once your hands are cold, it can seem impossible to ever heat them up again, even with the thickest gloves. And those thick gloves are so bulky and cumbersome that your dexterity is practically reduced to zero.

When rechargeable battery-heated gloves hit the market, they generated a ton of buzz. Most people still love the idea of rechargeable battery heated gloves, but the idea of a heavy, cumbersome battery pack strapped to each wrist always weighs down the enthusiasm. Even the most technologically advanced batteries are unmanageable and uncomfortable when strapped to your wrist. And, don't forget the potential damage that could be inflicted with a fall. In the past, glove designers have tried to skirt the problem by using tiny batteries which barely hold enough of a charge to warm your fingertips for more than a few minutes. When it comes to the physics of heating, there are no short cuts - the smaller the battery, the less heat will be produced.

Thankfully, ActiVHeat® has developed the perfect remedy for these multiple annoyances with the new ActiVHeat® WX4 Weightless Battery Heated Crossover Glove.

These new battery heated gloves actively warm your fingers, thumbs and hands without adding any battery weight or bulk on your hands and arms. The easy-to-use, innovative ActiVHeat® Lanyard Power & Controller Cabling System connects the gloves, battery and controller. The lanyard system is lightweight and discreet (worn underneath your jacket or other layers) so you won't even know it is there. It allows you to carry the lightweight Battery Pack or Case comfortably in your pocket so you don't have to wear it on your wrist or arm - a definite plus for anyone who wants to move freely.

There are three (3) temperature settings, HIGH, MEDIUM & LOW. Use the ActiVHeat® Controller to select the best heat setting for you with a push of a button. Heats for 1.5 to 5 hours continuously on a full charge from the AC charger (duration is dependent upon power setting and battery type).

The battery-heated gloves boast ActiVGrip technology which features a reinforced palm and wrapped fingers for superior articulation, durability and grip. Durable synthetic materials are combined to provide maximum grip and dexterity along with finger tip protection.

All WX4 Weightless Battery Heated Crossover Gloves are manufactured using our proven ActiVHeat® patented infra-red carbon fiber bundle heating system.

Waterproof, Breathable & Efficient. Super Wicking lining and lightweight Thinsulate 100g Insulation create a protective yet breathable barrier that simultaneously repels outside moisture while allowing air to circulate. Even in the most inclement weather - ice, snow, wind, rain - let your hands breathe while keeping them dry & warm. The extended gauntlet cuff with drawstring also seals out cold, snow and inclement weather.

A built-in Moisture Management System promotes ventilation and evaporation, keeping your hands dry when you sweat.

Polyloft, a premium, lofted, micro polyester insulation, traps and holds warm air molecules, keeping your hands warmer.

Adjustable Warmth - Enjoy the advantages of warm hands. Instead of constantly taking gloves on and off, now you can adjust to warmer or cooler temperatures with the press of a button. No matter how conditions change, you can keep your hands at a safe, comfortable temperature.

Soft and flexible - you can't feel any wires. Using materials developed for the aerospace industry, our heated gloves employ integrated bundles of soft carbon microfibers to actively warm your hands. The invisible heating elements extend down the sides of each finger and thumb for complete comfort and dexterity - no more frozen fingertips. The low-power heat is gentle, safe and adjustable to three levels.

Perfect for skiing, golfing, hiking, shoveling, hunting, outdoor events and more. These heated gloves are ideal for participating in stop-and-start activities that leaving you sweating one minute and freezing the next. You can turn the heat down or off when exercising, then turn it up to prevent that after-exercise chill.

Shell - Ottoman Nylon Outer.

Soft tricot fleece lining.